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The Declaration of Global Citizenship

Whereas most present day social systems seem to be in some stage of collapse or breakdown;

Whereas these dysfunctional systems are negatively impacting environments and people
around the world;

Whereas the deterioration in the quality of our oceans, atmosphere, stratosphere, soil and
aquifers - commonly known as our “global commons” - threatens life as we know it:

Whereas the gap continues to grow exponentially between the world’s haves and have-nots,
contributing to widespread violence, suffering, pollution and disease – an unsustainable condition;

Whereas the people of the world are more closely connected with one another than at any
previous time in history;

Whereas the exponential reliance on technology is accelerating its impact on the all experience,
for better and worse;

Whereas nation-states have been usurped by multi-national corporations as the most dominant
institutions in the world;

Whereas simple prudence dictates people should only support existing institutions and social
structures if they serve the needs of society;

Whereas it is foolhardy to continue giving legitimacy to institutions and forms that do not serve
society at large;

Whereas reliance on people to lead us merely because they are in positions of power or are simply
popular is folly;

Whereas true change has only come from small groups of thoughtful, committed citizens (Mead);

Whereas it is becoming glaring evident to growing numbers of people the time has come to
re-examine the underlying assumptions of the collective worldview and adapt new paradigms of
thinking (Einstein);

Whereas great social transformations have their origins in powerful explicit language and the spoken
word (as in the U.S. Declaration of Independence and The Magna Carta).

We, the undersigned, declare …..

It is our right and our sacred responsibility to commit ourselves to the following tenets:

to be responsible citizens of the world as well as legal citizens of our individual countries;

to strive for all people to live in peace, freedom and have their basic needs met;

to adapt a “Spaceship Earth” philosophy that acknowledges our fates are inescapably inter-connected
with all other people; to embrace an attitude that all people are created equal, deserving of respect and
dignity without regard to their positions or stature;

to be responsible for the quality of life for generations to come;

to become champions of social justice, environmental sustainability and spiritual fulfillment without regard
to religion or practice for all;

to approach our lives and our work with an attitude of interdependence, individually responsible for
ourselves and our communities while relying on one another to maintain a sustainable “whole;”

to challenge the status quo with its institutions, leadership and forms whenever it fails to serve

to create new structures and support new leaders as necessary to fulfill the needs of the world;

to act with integrity in all that we do, demanding it from our fellow global citizens with whom we share

to advocate these and similar attitudes, philosophies and actions based upon premises of interdependent
global citizenship so others adapt them on as their own.

The Covenant

Therefore we, the undersigned, declare and pledge publicly and to one another to stand for these tenets,
resolved and committed as women and men of integrity sharing the sacred duty of global citizenship.

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